If you have invested in the property market and have a rental property it is important to correctly insure this asset.

  • Does the value correctly reflect new replacement at current costs? 

To check, please use the building value calculator click here

The Landlords policy does not cover any contents and “fitted carpets, curtains and blinds” are defined as contents. As a result, it is prudent to add an amount to cover these contents.

It is a good idea to cover Loss of Rental should the property be damaged by fire or storm etc. and your tenants need to move out while rebuilding and repairs are being carried out. You can also cover Rent Default for tenants who abscond and leave without paying their rental.

Malicious Damage caused by tenants is not automatically insured. Please ask us to check if you have this extension to your policy.

  • You are required to have smoke detectors in the rental property. If you do not have, please make an urgent effort to put some in as you could be held liable if tenants are killed by fire or their property damaged.

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